Friday, June 18, 2010

If a non-Catholic feminist can....

These photos are exactly what pushed me over to full time veiling at Mass. I felt that if a non-Catholic, pro-abortion feminist can wear one when meeting the pope, certainly I can wear one when in the presence of my Lord and my God each week.


  1. I have never seen these pics! I agree totally! I began veiling last year and I'm never going back.

  2. I don't know, does it make me a better person? Will it be just pretending, to look good before everyone else?

    If you tell me it is a way of showing respect, what would the men have to wear then?

    1. read 1Corinthians 11:1-16 it will tell you why men dont wear them. it is a sign of rerspect and piety and of our mother Mary research it at Google

  3. I began to wear a veil when I did the Catholic Scripture Study class on Corinthians, St. Paul said that women should cover their heads so I began to. There are a few women in my Church that wear veils but not many. I will be building my collection to include the colors of the liturgical year. I won't comment on the photos of Michelle and Barac Obama other than to say, I truly hope Pope Benedict was able to have positive and impactful influence on them, however, I do not believe even the Pope can reach those two, so I am giving over to God and pray he can help them see the truth.

  4. Selah looked at this and said, "Mama, that's Pope Benedict!! Doesn't he KNOW what Obama has done to our country!?!?"

    We had a discussion about it. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Laura, we men kneel for communion and receive on the tongue because that is our lord and childish pride and political mechanitions have no place in one's heart at Mass.

  6. Mantilla's are wonderful. I'm glad to see a spark of Christian women & girls adopting headcovering. I started myself this past February, and love it.